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OverseasMED takes a patient first approach to healthcare. Our 24/7 personalised support service makes it easy to find high-quality, affordable treatments. At home or abroad, we work hard to tackle the global need for better, safer, simpler, and more affordable healthcare.

With a number of cosmetic procedures and years of experience in this medical field, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service with unmatched results. We understand that there are a whole host of reasons why an individual may be looking to undergo cosmetic procedures in Turkey, so we have a range of available options to accommodate. We also boast specialist surgeons who are able to take an individualised approach to each patient to ensure their desired results are achieved.

With our experience in cosmetic procedures in Turkey, we take care of everything for you. With frequent procedures taking place in Istanbul and an all-inclusive package consisting of accommodation, transfers, and more, you can be certain that the process of achieving the look that you desire is simpler than ever. What’s more, we offer a range of finance options to ensure that our surgical and non-surgical procedures are available to all.

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    1500 £

    990 £

    Hair transplant surgery is a minimally-invasive, outpatient procedure for people suffering from hair loss. The treatment can permanently restore the hair of men and women who are balding by transplanting hair into thinning areas.

    Blood test
    Pre-op consultation
    Private transport and all the transfers
    2 night in a 5 * hotel with breakfast
    Post-op consultation

    PRP treatment
    English translator


    1500 £

    990 £

    Because ; Turkey is one of the few countries most successful in IVF in the world.

    We work with the most successful IVF centers in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Kayseri, Eskişehir. Fabulous Cities With Various Facilities

    All-Inclusive Treatments and Favorable Prices , Same Doctor During Entire IVF Treatment Period and Most Advanced IVF Treatments (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis; PGD-A, PGD-M / NGS, Embryoscope (Time Lapse) / AI Elective Embryo (Blastocyste) Transfer,Micro-TESE, IMSI.)

    There are very successful treatments for both female and male infertility.

    Pain-Free Hair Transplantation

    Hair Transplantation is the most cost-effective solution to the problem of hair loss. Growth of permanent, natural new hair is ensured with the use of micro and follicular units in hair transplantation procedures. Hair transplantation is widely considered to be the most effective option for restoring hair. During hair transplantation, your physician moves healthy hair follicles from the donor area on the scalp and relocates them to the area of the head that is thin or bald due to the hormone DHT. Each hair follicle extracted from the donor area is carefully transplanted into the scalp in the recipient area to match the patient’s previous hair growth pattern, where the new hair will continue to grow as usual.

    Hair transplantation procedures are performed using advanced restoration techniques. The newly transplanted hair is artistically placed to complement the natural growth of the patient’s hairline and facial features, giving the patient the most natural looking results. This approach creates a seamless transition as soft and silky as the original hairline, with results that look completely natural and undetectable. Generally, FUE is the most common hair transplantation procedure performed. Each follicular unit (FU) is physiologically and anatomically unique, so it is very important to choose the healthiest follicular units in hair transplantation. One of the main goals of FUE is keeping the hair follicles intact during the process of harvesting them from their donor location. As FUE has evolved, the rate of transection has been greatly reduced.

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    Hair transplant surgery is one of the simple, outpatient procedures. Patients can go home the same day, and return to work in couple of days, after the surgery.

    There are many different hair transplantation procedures. However, it requires local anesthesia to be administered, no matter what type of procedure it is. There are patients who have fear of injection-related pain or needle phobia and therefore hesitate on having a hair transplant. In this respect, there is an innovative, advanced, needle-free technique for local anesthetic injection.
    Although needles are involved in the process called pain-free hair transplantation, no needles are used to administer local anesthesia. Instead, a needleless injector with silicon nozzles that deliver the anesthetic solution into the patient’s scalp by means of fluid stream is used. The anesthetic solution penetrates into the skin and numbs the area as soon as it hits the skin, and prepares the patient for the procedure.

    Pain-free hair transplantation aiming at the patient’s comfort during the entire procedure is available.

    In the specialized clinics around the world. Aesthetic hair transplantation procedure supervised by a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, and anesthesiologist is performed under local anesthesia, and lasts between five to seven hours, depending on the amount of grafts to be transplanted. Patients’
    preference on this innovative technique and the performance of the hair transplant team are a good indication of success of the surgeries performed.
    Patients should avoid strenuous activities temporarily after a pain-free hair transplantation procedure, and should rest at home after the procedure and take two days off from work. The hair in the recipient area will regrow around three months, and it can take up to one year before the transplanted hair completely grows. The transplanted hair will fall out within a couple of months.
    This may be shocking for the patients but they should start to notice new growth within a short time.

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    Our rates are subsidised by the Turkish Government for promoting Turkey as a medical tourism destination, therefore best prices are always guaranteed.

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    The clinics we refer you to in Turkey are open during the weekends to accommodate last minute travel arrangements and require less time off from your regular course of life.

















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    Our aim is to be your partner through your healthcare experience in Istanbul and to create a reliable access to the highest quality doctors and medical institutions with our reference. Eventually show that you have chosen one of the highest quality healthcare services available.

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